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Diffusion of Museum Collections: Tools and Methods

Currently, all looks like it’s going to be within our reach by a click or a screen touch only on the Internet. Insomuch as the technological revolution is not recent and mobile devices have a daily use. Nonetheless, reality is not absolutely utopian. People try to take giant leaps to arrive at the point where whole is suitable through our “screens” skipping years of working. Continue reading

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Museums and Mobile Apps in Spain: an Approach

The release of apps focused on museum has done in Spain between 2011 and 2012. However, it has been quite powerful. The social impact of this sort of apps depends on the own museum. These apps represent only a tiny percent of the mobile app market in Spain (we have found 30 apps). Thus, it is neither a saturated market nor a mature market in regard to format and content. If we consider the statistics of the museums, we can affirm that the percentage of museums with official or unofficial app is less than 2 percent. Continue reading

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Nuevos consumidores en las redes sociales e Internet

El pasado día 25 de junio tuvo lugar en la sala de actos de la sede del CTUG – Centre Tecnològic i Universitari de Granollers el seminario Nous consumidors a les xarxes socials i a Internet. El seminario se centró en el cambio de comportamiento de los consumidores en Internet y en las características y necesidades de los prosumidores (consumidor proactivo, en inglés prosumer). Continue reading

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