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The aim of the project e-TUR2020 is transforming tourist and retail offer disruptively by arranging a new-purchase experience through real-time interaction on apps and the internet of things, and by allowing tourist agents to collaborate among them in order to innovate in new tourist products adapted to smart destinations.

The project e-TUR2020 will concern technological solutions that improve the tourist-agent interaction and the quality of the inherent experience through apps and value-added services of tourist agents. The project will concern technologies and methods to provide valuable information which allows for enhancing tourist destination offer. The final goal of the project is giving rise to critical mass in the creation and use of new-generation tourist and retail applications through the use of a smart, common and open platform which will mean a set of applications and methodologies in order that future suppliers can add and make use of new applications.

The project will span the period 2015-2019 with the participation of the following entities:


  • Tecnocom Telecomunicaciones y Energía, S.A.
  • Solusoft S.L.
  • Eurona Wireless Telecom S.A.
  • Zemsania S.L.
  • Compartia S.L.
  • Groupalia Compra Colectiva S.L.

Research organizations:

  • EURECAT Centro Tecnológico de Cataluña
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Fundación Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Turismo y Ocio de Cataluña
  • Instituto Madrileño de Estudio Avanzados en Tecnologías de Desarrollo Software


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The project has been co-funded by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) in the frame of the call of Programas Estratégicos de Consorcios de Investigación Empresarial Nacional (CIEN) belonging to 2015.


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